Getty Images Plunges Into the Generative AI Pool

Discover Getty Images' revolutionary Generative AI tool, powered by Nvidia's AI technology. Create stunning, high-quality images based on unique prompts. Revolutionize visual content creation with Getty Images' Generative AI.

Get ready to dive into a whole new world of visual content creation with Getty Images as they take a monumental leap into the world of generative AI. Teaming up with Nvidia, a global leader in AI technology, Getty Images is set to launch its very own AI photo-generation tool aptly named Generative AI by Getty Images. This powerful tool will open new doors for users to generate captivating, high-quality images based on unique prompts. Trained on an extensive collection of Getty Images using Nvidia’s cutting-edge model architecture, Edify, Generative AI promises to revolutionize the way commercial users create visually stunning content. With a subscription-based access model and a commitment to fair compensation for photographers, Getty Images is poised to make a significant impact in the AI photo generation space, challenging the likes of Shutterstock and Adobe. Get ready to unleash your creative potential with Getty Images’ Generative AI and witness the next frontier in visual content creation.

Getty Images Plunges Into the Generative AI Pool

Getty Images Plunges Into the Generative AI Pool

Partnership with Nvidia

Getty Images, the renowned provider of visual content, has recently announced its collaboration with Nvidia, a leading technology company specializing in AI. This partnership aims to develop a cutting-edge AI photo-generation tool, called Generative AI by Getty Images. By joining forces with Nvidia, Getty Images can tap into the expertise and advancements in AI technology that Nvidia has to offer.

Generative AI: A Paywalled Tool

Generative AI by Getty Images is an innovative tool that allows users to generate new images based on their prompts. This tool will be paywalled on the Getty.com website and will also be accessible through an API. Users will have to go through a paywall implementation process to gain access to this powerful AI tool. This paywall ensures that the tool is made available exclusively to authorized users who have subscribed to Getty Images’ services.

Designed for Commercial Use

Getty Images has designed Generative AI with a specific target audience in mind – commercial users. This AI tool is tailored to meet the unique needs of professionals in the fields of advertising, editorial, and design. With the ability to generate high-quality images quickly and easily, Generative AI empowers commercial users to streamline their creative process and enhance their visual content.

Training on Getty Images using Edify

To train Generative AI, Getty Images is utilizing its vast library of visual content, which comprises hundreds of millions of images. Leveraging Nvidia’s model architecture, Edify, Getty Images can enhance the tool’s ability to generate images that meet the highest standards of quality. This training process ensures that Generative AI produces visually stunning images that cater to the needs of its users.

Getty Images Plunges Into the Generative AI Pool

Unlimited Access to Nvidia’s Technology

Getty Images’ partnership with Nvidia provides the company with unlimited access to Nvidia’s advanced AI technology. This collaboration goes beyond merely accessing technology; Getty Images is proud to be working as partners with Nvidia, rather than paying for access or content. This unique partnership allows Getty Images to maximize the potential of Generative AI, ensuring that it remains at the forefront of AI-driven visual content generation.

Competition with Shutterstock and Adobe

The emergence of AI photo generation has created a competitive market, with players like Shutterstock and Adobe also offering their own AI-based tools. Generative AI by Getty Images sets itself apart from the competition through its unique features and advantages. Getty Images’ extensive library of images, combined with Nvidia’s powerful technology, gives Generative AI an edge in terms of image variety and quality.

Getty Images Plunges Into the Generative AI Pool

Ethical Concerns: Fair Compensation and Image Attribution

With the introduction of AI-generated images, ethical concerns have emerged regarding fair compensation for photographers and proper image attribution. Getty Images understands and addresses these concerns. The company is committed to ensuring that photographers receive fair compensation for the use of their images in training the AI model. Furthermore, Getty Images has implemented a transparent system that ensures proper attribution and recognition for the images generated by Generative AI.

Legal Rights and Indemnification

Getty Images asserts its legal rights to the images utilized in training the Generative AI model. This claim allows Getty Images to protect the tool and its users from potential copyright infringement issues. Additionally, Getty Images has implemented indemnification policies to safeguard users from any legal challenges that may arise from the use of AI-generated images.

Getty Images Plunges Into the Generative AI Pool

Subscription Fee and Compensation for Photographers

To access Generative AI by Getty Images, users will be required to subscribe, introducing a subscription-based pricing model. This model ensures that users can enjoy unlimited access to the tool and make the most of its capabilities. Additionally, Getty Images has developed a usage-based compensation system for contributing photographers. This model guarantees fair and proportional payments to photographers based on the utilization of their images in the AI-generated content.

In conclusion, the partnership between Getty Images and Nvidia has brought forth a powerful and innovative AI photo-generation tool, Generative AI by Getty Images. This paywalled tool is specifically designed for commercial use and offers users the ability to generate high-quality images based on their prompts. As Getty Images dives into the generative AI pool, it competes with industry giants like Shutterstock and Adobe. While ethical concerns surrounding fair compensation and image attribution have been addressed, Getty Images also claims legal rights to the images used in training the AI model. By implementing a subscription-based pricing model and a compensation system for photographers, Getty Images ensures that Generative AI remains a valuable and sustainable resource for commercial users.

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