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Prepare to Get Manipulated by Emotionally Expressive Chatbots

Discover the potential of emotionally expressive chatbots and the risks they pose. OpenAI's ChatGPT showcases human-like personalities and interactions, but what are the consequences? Privacy, addiction, and manipulation are just the beginning. Explore the challenges of discerning real from artificial and the implications for industries and society. Stay cautious as AI technology evolves. Read more here.

Astra Is Google’s ‘Multimodal’ Answer to the New ChatGPT

Discover Project Astra, Google's groundbreaking voice-operated AI assistant. With multimodal capabilities, it understands human language and interprets visual information, revolutionizing human-computer interaction. Meet Gemini Ultra, the advanced AI model behind Astra, trained on diverse data types. This new era of generative AI brings immersive experiences but faces challenges in real-world adaptability. Explore its potential, compare it to OpenAI's ChatGPT, and envision the future of AI assistants. Join the evolution of AI as it gains a deeper understanding of our physical world.

It’s the End of Google Search As We Know It

Discover the major changes happening to Google Search, driven by AI technology. From personalized results to video and voice queries, get ready for a new search experience. Find out how web publishers and marketers can adapt, and the impact on Google's advertising business. It's the end of Google Search as we know it.

Burnout Is Pushing Workers to Use AI—Even if Their Boss Doesn’t Know

Discover how burnout is driving white-collar workers to use AI tools to manage their overwhelming workload. Learn about the increasing adoption of AI in the workplace and the potential risks and concerns. Find out why companies are lagging in providing AI training and how workers are utilizing personal AI tools. Explore the issue of worker overload and the slow adoption of AI, and understand how organizations are integrating AI into their daily operations.

A New Surveillance Tool Invades Border Towns

A New Surveillance Tool Invades Border Towns - This article explores the implications of TraffiCatch, a surveillance tool that enables real-time tracking and eavesdropping on wireless signals emitted by devices. Privacy concerns and the potential for abuse are discussed.

How to Use ChatGPT’s Memory Feature

Learn how to use ChatGPT's Memory feature to enhance your conversational experience. Discover how it stores and recalls personal details, and how you can add facts through conversation or specific prompts. OpenAI addresses privacy concerns and offers control over memories. Watch the video tutorial!

I’m a Boy. Does Playing Female Characters in Video Games Make Me Gay?

Find out the real reasons behind playing female characters in video games and challenge misconceptions about sexuality and gender identity. Explore the power of role-playing and self-expression, and the impact of gender norms in society. Delve into the complexities of lab-grown meat and the fears of hypocrisy. Discover the reliability of information in the digital age and the limitations of knowing absolute truth. This thought-provoking article encourages introspection and understanding.

Ads for Explicit ‘AI Girlfriends’ Are Swarming Facebook and Instagram

Discover the concerning rise of AI-generated "girlfriend" apps flooding Facebook and Instagram with sexually explicit content. These ads violate policies, yet continue to thrive, raising questions about enforcement and accountability. WIRED found over 29,000 explicit AI "girlfriend" ads on Meta platforms alone. With unknown developers and "scammy" advertising tactics, the impact of anti-sex-trafficking legislation allows these apps to flourish. Will Meta prioritize removing these ads, potentially affecting sex workers as well? Learn more in this informative article.

A Wave of AI Tools Is Set to Transform Work Meetings

A wave of AI tools is transforming work meetings. Wearable devices record and analyze conversations, improving productivity and providing insights. AI automates transcription, summarizes discussions, and could even run meetings. Experts emphasize the importance of strategic agendas and engaging attendees for successful meetings. The future could see AI avatars completely taking over meetings, allowing humans to focus on socializing. Watch the video and learn more about AI-powered wearables and how they enhance meetings.

What If Your AI Girlfriend Hated You?

Explore the bizarre world of AI girlfriends with AngryGF, a mobile app that challenges users to comfort their perpetually enraged virtual partners. WIRED shares their amusing yet frustrating experience of trying to appease their angry AI girlfriend. Find out what it's like if your AI girlfriend hated you.

To Build a Better AI Supercomputer, Let There Be Light

Looking to build a better AI supercomputer? Lightmatter's Passage technology uses light-based interconnects to revolutionize data transfer speeds, increasing them by 100 times compared to electrical signals. Learn how this breakthrough technology is paving the way for faster, more efficient AI algorithms and the construction of larger AI supercomputers. Collaborations with major semiconductor companies and tech giants like Microsoft, Amazon, and Google signal a new era in AI development. Discover how Passage is simplifying AI data centers and the potential for artificial general intelligence.

This AI Startup Wants You to Talk to Houses, Cars, and Factories

Discover how Archetype AI is revolutionizing industries like buildings, automotive, and manufacturing with their AI models, allowing humans to have meaningful conversations with houses, cars, and factories. Find out how their cutting-edge model, Newton, processes data from sensors and presents it in plain language, providing valuable insights and reports. With partnerships with major companies like Volkswagen and investment from the likes of Amazon's Industrial Innovation Fund, Archetype AI is changing the way we interact with the physical world.

The Honeybees Versus the Murder Hornets

Protecting UK honeybees from murder hornets and other threats is the mission of Pollenize. Using data analysis and AI, Pollenize has developed innovative solutions like biodiversity tracking and AI-camera bait stations to safeguard honeybees. Learn how they're leading the charge in defending our buzzing friends.

Election Workers Are Drowning in Records Requests. AI Chatbots Could Make It Worse

Election workers drowning in records requests face a new challenge with AI chatbots. These chatbots can flood their offices with mass-produced FOIA requests, overwhelming their ability to carry out their duties and compromising the integrity of elections. Generative AI companies need to take measures to prevent misuse, but governments and officials lack the tools and training to respond effectively. Watermarking AI-generated content is suggested as a solution, but advanced technology and training are required. Finding a balance between AI chatbot use and preventing abuse is essential in navigating these challenging times.

Deepfake Porn Is Out of Control

Deepfake porn is a rising concern fueled by AI advancements. 244,625 videos were uploaded to top websites in 7 years, with a 54% increase in 2023. Primarily targeting women, it demands urgent action through education, laws, and action against facilitators. Protect victims and stifle the distribution and visibility of deepfakes.

Chatbot Hallucinations Are Poisoning Web Search

Discover the impact of chatbot hallucinations on web search and the dangers of false information served by Bing and other search engines. Learn about the challenges of generative AI in detecting and filtering out misinformation, and the need for safeguards to protect users. Find out why improving current AI technology is crucial for providing accurate and reliable search results. Read more at Wired.

An Alleged Deepfake of UK Opposition Leader Keir Starmer Shows the Dangers of Fake Audio

The dangers of fake audio are highlighted by an alleged deepfake recording of UK opposition leader Keir Starmer. As elections approach, the manipulation of audio content has the potential to sow confusion and undermine trust in democratic processes. This article explores the implications and the need for effective detection tools to protect the integrity of audio recordings.

The Chatbots Are Now Talking to Each Other

Discover how chatbots are not only conversing with humans but also with each other. Explore the fascinating world of AI-powered bots and their impact on product development and marketing strategies. Find out how these chatbots, behaving like fictional characters, simulate social interactions and even generate innovative ideas. Learn about the advancements in AI software like ChatGPT and the potential of creating synthetic humans for market research. Understand the limitations of chatbots and ongoing research to improve their accuracy and fidelity. Dive into the future of chatbots and their role in driving innovation.

Smarter AI Assistants Could Make It Harder to Stay Human

Discover the challenges and concerns surrounding smarter AI assistants and their impact on human independence, decision-making, empathy, and human connections. Explore the ethical implications and the need to strike a balance between dependence and control. Stay human in the era of advancing AI technology.

Your Boss’s Spyware Could Train AI to Replace You

Discover how your boss's spyware could be training AI to replace you. This post explores the rise of employee monitoring software and the potential use of data for AI training. Learn about the ethical concerns, job security implications, and the importance of retraining programs for a fair transition into the future.

FBI Agents Are Using Face Recognition Without Proper Training

Discover the shocking truth about FBI agents using face recognition technology without proper training. Only 5% of agents have completed the necessary training, while privacy and civil rights protections are nonexistent. Misidentifications have led to false arrests, causing harm and eroding trust. The Government Accountability Office (GAO) report raises concerns, but the FBI's in-house platform was excluded, signaling potential limitations. Commercial tools are also utilized, adding complexity to the situation. The Department of Justice (DOJ) plans to issue policies, but their timeline is uncertain. Factors contributing to misidentifications must be addressed. Calls for better safeguards and a moratorium on face recognition push for accountability. The FBI faces pressure to balance security and protect citizens' rights against the power of this technology.

This New Autonomous Drone for Cops Can Track You In the Dark

Discover the new autonomous drone for cops that can track suspects in the dark. Equipped with infrared sensors and a 65X zoom camera, this compact drone is revolutionizing law enforcement operations. However, concerns about regulations and custom modifications have been raised. Learn more about the capabilities and challenges of this innovative tool.
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